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We are rebuilding due to Cataclysm, you are welcome to offer yourself to join the guild. We would be delighted to see same seriousness from you aswell.
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Welcome to Ephitaph
Welcome to Ephitaph!

Here in Ephitaph we have a casual, friendly environment, with a progressive attitude towards raiding and achievements. Any of Ephitaph's members will tell you that this is a different type of guild experience then you would typically find in this game. People with low levels of maturity, or that are socially inept, have never had a place here. We are a haven for the casual raider who wishes to see all the content without having to listen to nerd raging, or deal with immaturity.

The guild ifocuses mostly on PvE but many guild-mates are ready for some PvP all the time. However our priority is PvE.

Guild Master:  Dazdengo

Officers:        Assailant

About Our Members

Nationalities in Ephitaph are diverse, but the majority of our players come from Turkey, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden with ages varying from 17 to 40. Next to our steady raidteam we have a vast amount of casual and social players in our guild who spice up our guildchat a bit more. The variety of people cause us to have an interesting guild that is mature social and generally helpful.

Raid Times - Are to be re-decided due to Cataclysm leveling

Raids start:
Raids end:

Don't forget to register the forums!

Feel free to ask anything about the game to officers, we are here to help..

We welcome your thoughts and opinions, please contact the Guild Master Dazdengo from mertkahraman42, write mail's from the site please!

And please donate us!
Guild News
Other Guild News

Migration to a lower populated server for free

mertkahraman42, Dec 8, 10 5:44 PM.
Dear Ephitaph members,

Almost every member now complains about the situation when our server is over populated. We're waiting for 30mins to log and that's a while. Many wants to migrate to another server for free.
I'm giving the link of free migrations below, there are several servers in which we may migrate from our server:

Ventrilo established!

mertkahraman42, Dec 8, 10 9:41 AM.
Dear Ephitaph members, ventrilo is now avaliable for your usage. We've purchased the server. You may find the information required in the information pannel. Have fun with the game!

For the gallery!

mertkahraman42, Dec 5, 10 6:27 AM.
We welcome all members to upload their character's photos to the gallery. Feel free to do so!

Useful game-guides

mertkahraman42, Dec 5, 10 6:24 AM.
Useful game-guides are now avaliable in the library section, chek it out now!

Ephitaph Established

mertkahraman42, Dec 4, 10 8:15 PM.
Guild Ephitaph is renewed in the means of the expansion, Cataclysm. We are back into the game with Ephitaph, a serious and focused guild. Ephitaph welcomes all who are willing to playing the game seriously but also having fun. Our officers are players since 2004, experienced in all fields of the game from PvE raiding to AH Tactics, farming and leveling experts we are.
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